Automatic Threat Detection

Syentium's trainable software automatically detects guns, weapons, illegal wildlife trade and prohibited items for security services and government agencies in aviation, rail, fast parcel, maritime, cross border, shopping mall and public space protection. Enhanced by Home Office funding it is designed to deliver labour savings and new tools for greater efficiencies. It is easily installed in operational environments by utilising existing equipment, systems and protocols.


Automated Threat Detection of Guns, Weapons, Contraband In Fast Parcels, Mail, Cabin/Hold Baggage, Air and Maritime Cargo


Automated Threat Detection of Bio and Illegal Wildlife Trade (Ivory, Rhino Horn, Pangolin Scales, Bushmeat, Flora, Targeted CITES) in Passenger Baggage, Fast Parcels, Mail, Air Cargo


Automated Threat Detection of Guns and other Targets Carried in Public Spaces


Automatic Threat Detection of IED Components and Dynamic Risk Profiling of Passengers at Checkpoints