Automated Detection of Trafficked Protected Species & Zoonotic Items


Syentium automatically detects illegally trafficked protected species, zoonotic items and contraband without disruption or hindrance to the free flow of passengers or trade at departure or arrival and delivers a comprehensive robust evidential trail.

Automatic Detection of Smuggled Protected Species

Syentium’s unique automated technology leverages current legislation, works with existing installed equipment, systems and protocols to stop wildlife and protected species trafficking. It delivers in real time automatic detection of smuggled protected species including CITES items, bushmeat, ivory and contraband. The technology enables the detection of single/multiple/mixed targets from a multiple number and makes of x-ray machines. The results enable suspected smuggling routes to be identified, together with routing/timing to give robust evidential audit trails and reports in real time.

Enhances Global Efforts in Stopping Illegal Trade

These deliverables enhance global efforts in stopping the illegal trade of protected and CITES species such as Pangolin, Elvers, Ivory, Rhino Horn, tiger bones, turtles, birds, coral, shells, eggs, fish, monkeys, parrots, orchid roots, plants and other contraband items in passenger baggage, fast parcels, mail, air cargo, shipping containers and cross border traffic before departure, during transit or arrival. Syentium's systems such as BackSearch assist in saving protected species, detecting and closing trafficking routes.


Syentium recently presented to INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group, which may be watched on the following link

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