Theft Detection

Analyses Existing X-Ray Security Operation for Theft

Syentium’s automatic theft detection and audit system for warehouses and fulfilment centres analyses the existing x-ray security operation for internal theft and leakages with a secure auditable evidential trail.

Specifically Trained to Detect High Value Targeted Items

The software is specifically trained to automatically detect desirable high value targeted items, such as watches, jewellery, electronics, bottles of perfume, gaming CDs etc. It can additionally be trained to meet client requirements.

Rapidly Examines Thousands of Previous X-Ray Images

Working in conjunction with Syentium’s BackSearch it can rapidly examine thousands of previous x-ray security images from any make of x-ray machine for single, multiple, mixed targets and is readily trained for new targets.

Potential Problem Areas, Routes and Items Highlighted

Potential problem areas and items are highlighted together with spotting developing trends and potential targets. It also identifies timings to give robust evidential audit trails.

Implemented Without Disruption to Everyday Operations

It is independent of internal influence and can be implemented without disruption to everyday operations.

Faster, More Accurate and Cost Effective

A referenceable forensic analysis report in the client’s bespoke format provides auditable evidence, dedicated risk analysis, faster, more accurate and cost effective than a large team of manual operators.

Delivers Labour Savings and Greater Efficiencies

The artificial intelligence systems, utilising existing equipment, systems and protocols, are easily installed in operational environments to deliver labour savings and new tools for greater efficiencies.

Manufacturer Agnostic

All Syentium’s detection systems are x-ray manufacturer agnostic.

Core Software Successfully Tested

The core software has been enhanced by UK Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth and European Union Regional Development Funding. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by UK Border Force, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Jamaican Security Services and a major international manufacturer in the UK and US.

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