Quality Control Processes and Systems

Automatic Production Inspection for Quality Control

Syentium has developed automatic industrial and agricultural applications for production inspection and quality control.

Case Study - UK Production Company Using System for Quality Control

A major UK production company’s manufacturing facility in the UK and US is using Syentium’s artificial intelligence detection and systems for specific quality control.

Tailor-made Quality Control

The tailor-made quality control procedures deliver systematic component inspection sequences, image and data storage, remote image analysis, retrieval, database interface and customised reports.

Automatic Critical Inspection

The bespoke design, system and process, enables manufacturing operations to improve and maintain product quality by automating critical inspection processes and audit management into a single end-to-end solution.

Real Time Artificial Intelligence Analysis

The inspection process is centred around real time artificial intelligence analysis of simultaneous separate streams of single and dual vison x-ray imagery ensuring consistent manufacturing quality.

Enhances Production Consistency and Output

Automation, rapid artificial intelligence image analysis, image database structure, centralised quality control records and reporting standardisation enhances production consistency, output and trustworthy results.

Brand Protection

Syentium’s system and algorithms create optimum manufacturing and operator performance across the company’s international facilities ensuring consistent reproducible quality products, maintenance and protection of their established brand.

Delivers Labour Savings and Greater Efficiencies

The artificial intelligence systems, utilising existing equipment, systems and protocols, are easily installed in operational environments to deliver labour savings and new tools for greater efficiencies.

Manufacturer Agnostic

All Syentium’s detection systems are x-ray manufacturer agnostic and work with a wide range of suppliers.

Core Software Successfully Tested

The core software has been enhanced by UK Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth and European Union Regional Development Funding. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by UK Border Force, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Jamaican Security Services and a major international manufacturer in the UK and US.

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