Opioid and Drug Trafficking Detection

Examines Thousands of Packages 24/7/365

Syentium’s artificial intelligence automates the detection of smuggled opioids and drugs. It can examine and process thousands of packages 24/7/365. The unique automated opioid and drugs detection technology is designed to operate and work with postal services, express carriers and foreign governments.

Faster Than Using Existing Manpower

It enables officers and security services to identify, target and investigate considerably more suspect packages potentially carrying illicit opioids and their routes with existing manpower.

Enhances Collaboration & Information Sharing

Syentium's opioid and drugs detection technology enhances collaboration and information sharing leading to the production of actionable intelligence to target the opioid supply chain to break up and disrupt cross-border narcotics trafficking.

Enables Detection Using Existing Legislation & Protocols

The specialised technology enables governments, postal services and Fast Parcel/Express Consignment Carriers [ECC] to detect illicit opioids, utilising existing legislation, protocols and installed equipment, delivering in real time identifiable detections.

Aids Identifying & Stopping Trafficking Routes

Its structure and operation aids identifying and stopping trafficking routes. It will contribute intelligence data for law enforcement, border control and inter-government reciprocity partnerships.

Can Analyse Around 6-Months of Previous X-ray Images

Syentium’s ‘BackSearch’ can analyse around 6-months of previous x-ray security images for single/multiple/mixed targets.

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