OperatorAssist®: Operator and Screening System Efficiency

Increases and Enhances Operator Accuracy

Syentium’s OperatorAssist® algorithm delivers enhanced x-ray operator and screening system efficiencies. It increases and enhances operator accuracy, efficiency and performance. Using visual prompts, performance level monitoring, screening events, automatic detection logs, operator and systems by using enhanced AI analytical models.

Operator Compliance, Training and Security Checks

It also automatically generates a robust comprehensive audit trail for checking operator compliance, training and security checks.

Deep Data Mining Analytics

The automated intelligent detection, recognition, alarm and remote reporting systems deliver enhanced layers of security, deep data mining, analytics for a superior management tool.

Brand Protection and Audit Trail

Inefficiencies in existing security protocols are detected to improve back-office management activities providing brand protection and audit trail.

Increased Reliability and Accuracy

Improvements to project supervision and quality assurance automatically streamline overall inspection processes giving increased reliability and accuracy which also enhance fraud and contraband detection capabilities.

Easily Installed in Operational Environments

The artificial intelligence systems, utilising existing equipment, systems and protocols, are easily installed in operational environments to deliver labour savings and new tools for greater efficiencies.

Manufacturer Agnostic

All Syentium’s detection systems are x-ray manufacturer agnostic.

Core Software Successfully Tested

The core software has been enhanced by UK Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth and European Union Regional Development Funding. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by UK Border Force, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Jamaican Security Services and a major international manufacturer in the UK and US.

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