Illegal Trafficking of Cultural Goods

Powerful Tool Against Illicit Trafficking

Syentium’s automatic artificial intelligence software incorporating BackSearch enables real time detection of illegal trafficking of cultural goods. It is a powerful tool against the illicit trafficking of antiquities, art work, archaeological items, sculptures, artefacts etc.

Identifies Illegal Trafficked Cultural Goods

Syentium’s real time system identifies illegal trafficked cultural goods prior, in transit or post arrival, which disrupt the transportation added value chain.

Delivers Evidential Audit Trail

The cost-effective discreet system delivers an evidential audit trail and identification evidence.

Rapid Identification

Syentium’s automated detection technology is designed to operate with the security services, express carriers, and foreign governments. It enables rapid identification, targeting and investigation of an increased number of suspect packages and identifies their routing.

Can Analyse At Least 6-Months of Previous X-ray Images

BackSearch can analyse at least 6-months of previous x-ray security images for single/multiple/mixed targets.

Assists in Identifying Smuggling Systems

It assists in detecting smuggling systems and closing routes and can be used as part of a risk analysis to identify problem areas, routes and items.

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