CrowdScreen®: Automated Threat Detection of Guns, Weapons and Other Targets in Shopping Malls, Airport Check-in, Arena, Public Spaces


Syentium’s Automated Threat Detection system automatically detects guns and other targets in public spaces, for example airports, railway stations, shopping malls. It can identify single or multiple targets such as guns, weapons, bottles, Molotov cocktails etc, being carried in isolation or in a crowd. It is upgradeable to identify new targets and facial recognition.


The automated system seamlessly integrates into existing CCTV or other surveillance systems. It is configurable to the user's security, counter- terrorism force's needs. It is trainable for new and emerging targets. Its deep data mining capabilities are ideal for forensic analysis. Detections are in real time and automatically trigger appropriate tailored warnings to operational personnel at single, multiple or mobile command and control facilities.

Brand Protection

The automated system generates brand protection for security service operators.


The core data collection uses existing installed equipment. The outputs are configurable to the user's requirements including interlinking with other operational programmes, for example facial recognition, gait analysis and neural network programmes, displays and mobile control centres.


Increased probability of instantaneous weapon detection gives a real time warning of location and weapon type. Integration with existing equipment, staff and systems without disruption to normal operations, existing protocols or procedures gives excellent value for money.

Tried and Tested Reliability

It uses proven technologies, structured for international certification and ISO/EU/CFR compliance. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by HMRC, F&CO, Jamaican Security Services and enhanced by Home Office funding.