CheckNow: Automated Detection of Contraband and Illegal Trade in Fast Parcels, Mail, Cabin/Hold Baggage, Air and Maritime Cargo and Cross Border Traffic

Artificial Intelligence Software

Syentium’s A I software incorporating ‘CheckNow’ is an automatic real time analyser of x-ray security images. It detects illegal items, firearms, weapons, bottles, knives, narcotics, drugs, currency, tobacco, alcohol, CITES, protected items, zoonotic items, guns, components, weapons, tasers, bullion, organic and inorganic material and other contraband in air passenger baggage, fast parcel, postal, air cargo, shipping containers and cross border traffic without disruption or hindrance to the free flow of passengers or trade at departure or arrival and without interference or disruption to existing installed operational software, hardware, systems, warranties, protocols, networks and infrastructure. The software can be trained to detect the client’s specific requirements and is a real time low-cost high-grade performance enhancer generating operational savings without depleting operational floor space or manpower resources.

Easily Integrated with Other Systems

Being easily integrated with other systems it enables early detection of developing trends and potential targets giving the security forces real time information for immediate action together providing with a robust evidential audit trail.

Automated Detection Technology Manufacturer Agnostic

The automated detection technology is x-ray manufacturer agnostic and works with existing installed equipment, systems, current legislation and protocols. It has the ability to analyse multiple x-ray images simultaneously from different makes of machines for a range of different targets simultaneously. It is a low-cost, performance enhancer generating operational efficiencies, additional capacity and savings.

Security Services Can Detect Items at Point of Departure

Security services using the system in the departure country are able to detect illegal items at point of departure and be notified of its carrier and consignment details.

Creates Foundation for Enhanced Risk Analysis

The process is specifically designed as part of a whole system to create the foundation for enhanced risk analysis for building capacity and strong partnerships.

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