CargoImages®: Automated Threat Detection of Guns, Weapons, Contraband in Fast Parcels, Mail, Cabin/Hold Baggage, Air and Maritime Cargo


The Syentium system enables the automatic detection of firearms, weapons, bottles, knives, narcotics, psychoactive substances, currency, tobacco, alcohol, CITES, illegal meat, ivory, shells and other contraband in fast parcels, mail, cabin/hold baggage, air and maritime cargo on arrival, or where reciprocity agreements exist, prior to their arrival.


The system is configurable and self learning to the customer's specific and evolving requirements and targets. It enables the Security, Counter-Terrorism and Revenue services to automatically detect prohibited, restricted goods or items on interest on or prior to arrival. It is structured for deep data mining security operations.

Illegal Imports

Smuggling of contraband, guns and components is creating increased threats, social instability, considerable costs in manpower and loss of revenue. Syentium's system offers a solution.

Tried and Tested Reliability

It uses proven technologies, structured for international certification and ISO/EU/CFR compliance. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by HMRC, F&CO, Jamaican Security Services and enhanced by Home Office funding.

Automatic Targeting

Its automatic targeting capability is trainable for evolving targets and can increase throughput by efficient and quick detection of high risk illegal items. The detection of illegal imports of tobacco, drugs, CITES illegal bush meat and organic material saves security forces substantial costs and increases operational efficiencies.

Managed Database

The managed database, which includes the item's ID and other unique data, easily integrates with the customer's IT and security systems. The increased level of reliable detections of illegal and threat items is delivered without impeding the free flow of legitimate trade or travellers.

Brand Protection

The automated system generates brand protection for security service operators.