BAGVIEW®: Automated Detection of Illegal Wildlife Products in Passenger Baggage, Fast Parcels, Mail, Air Cargo, Shipping Containers and Cross Border Traffic


Syentium delivers in real time automated detection of illegal wildlife products (ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, bushmeat, flora and targeted CITES items) in passenger baggage, fast parcel, air cargo, shipping containers and cross border traffic. The system automatically analyses security images taken at the point of departure or arrival of passengers.

Stamping Out Illegal Wildlife Trade

In addition to tackling the problems of stamping out the illegal wild life trade and products, the software, which has been enhanced by Home Office and Foreign & Commonwealth funding, can be taught to detect a wide range of items, i.e. guns, components, tobacco, currency, drugs, alcohol, ivory, currency, IED components and organic materials.

Integrates Into Existing and New Screening Systems

The process readily integrates into existing or new border control screening systems to create the foundation for building capacity and strong partnerships with governments. Through detecting currency smuggling from illegal wildlife trade, it facilitates effective and substantial intelligence led models at national and international level to counter the links between wildlife crime, corruption and terrorism. Its structure enables inter-government reciprocity and partnerships to improve law enforcement, border control in key source, transit and destination countries.

Trainable Software Modified to Suit Customer Needs

The trainable software is the core to an integrated suite of infinitely scalable specialist products which can be modified to suit customer need.

Illegal Imports

Smuggling of illegal wildlife products, contraband, guns and components is creating increased threats, social instability, considerable costs in manpower and loss of revenue. Syentium's system offers a solution.

Ability to Operate with Multi Agencies

The ability to operate with multi agencies improves customs control on export and import, which assists in identifying and combating transnational criminal network through dissemination to all law enforcement agencies. Training of customs officers will strengthen deterrents and deliver a strong evidential trail to reinforce national legislation, law enforcement and implementation. Syentium can work directly with governments, their agencies or as subcontractor to the private sector.

Tried and Tested Reliability

It uses proven technologies, structured for international certification and ISO/EU/CFR compliance. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by HMRC, F&CO, Jamaican Security Services and enhanced by Home Office funding.