BAGPIX®: Detection of IED Components and Dynamic Risk Profiling of Passengers at Checkpoint


Terrorist IEDs can be assembled from individual constituents brought onto an aircraft by several passengers in a single or several ’carry on’ bags. Syentium’s solution automatically detects and recognises these potential IED constituents and the carriers.

Checkpoint Risk Profiling

Dynamic risk profiling of aviation passengers at the checkpoint. Its enhanced neural logic risk analysis ability exploits automated detection and recognition fused with intelligence and expert knowledge to detect potential improvised explosive device components or materials being carried onto an aircraft by terrorists to create viable devices.


A ‘live’ accurate IED and passenger risk profiling targeting solution which can increase the probability of detecting and identifying potential IED constituents and the carriers. It is compatible and readily integrated with existing systems, automated intelligent detection, recognition, alarm and remote reporting systems.

Brand Protection

The automated system generates brand protection for security service operators.

Tried and Tested Reliability

It uses proven technologies, structured for international certification and ISO/EU/CFR compliance. Key operational elements have been successfully tested or operated by HMRC, F&CO, Jamaican Security Services and enhanced by Home Office funding.


It is configurable to the existing Security and Counter-Terrorism services needs. It generates a full audit trail, is trainable for new materials, structured for deep data mining and is easily linkable to other systems such as trace vapour analysers.


Captured ‘check data’ from existing systems is integrated with multi layered fuzzy logic analysis to generate in a ‘live time’ environment reliable data of the threat potential reference data and IED components for the security forces.


Syentium’s system gives warnings of IED components with data for dynamic risk profiling of passengers at the checkpoint.

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