Warehouse Security and Automatic Theft Detection with Syentium's BackSearch™

Automatic Theft Detection

Syentium has developed an automatic theft detection and audit system for warehouses and fulfilment centres. Increasing internal theft and leakages from warehouses and distribution centres is a growing and expensive problem. Prevention requires auditable proof of such activities which need to be independent of internal influence and capable of implementation without disruption to staff morale or union rejection.

Auditable Evidence

Syentium's system enables identification of theft activities and provides a secure auditable evidential trail for appropriate enforcement and control. It enables remote observation and analysis of the warehouse x-ray security operation and can facilitate effective and substantial intelligence models at all levels to counter organised internal crime links and corruption.

Detects Stock Leakages

Syentium's easily installed software promotes enhanced operator accountability, efficiency and detects stock leakages. It enables identification of theft activities for appropriate enforcement and control without impeding the free flow of normal activities.

Software Trained to Automatically Find High Value Items

Syentium's software can be specifically trained to detect specific items required by the customer and automatically find desirable high value targeted items, e.g. watches, jewellery, electronics, bottles of perfume, gaming CDs etc.

Automatic Forensic Analysis of Past Screenings

Syentium's dedicated forensic software can automatically analyse all data of past screenings. The software can rapidly and accurately detect single or multiple targets simultaneously and is readily trained for new targets. There is no upper limit to the volume of data which can be analysed. The forensic results are delivered in the client’s bespoke format requirements and are acceptable for evidential purposes.

Low-Cost High Grade Performance Enhancer

Syentium's system is equipment manufacturer agnostic and by using existing systems, legislation, protocols, installed processes and equipment it is a low-cost high grade performance enhancer which can generate operational savings without taking valuable operational floor space or requiring increased manpower resources.