Highspeed Examination for Specific Targets

BackSearch artificial intelligence software automatically carries out highspeed examination of the client’s image library for specific targets in existing installed x-ray security screening systems. It is system and equipment agnostic and it can analyse at least 6-months of previous x-ray security images for single/multiple/mixed targets from different machines and locations.

Faster and More Economical

With reliable searches, faster and more economical than manual efforts, it can deliver the identification, routing and a range of strategic timings to give robust evidential audit trail reports.

Assists in Detecting Smuggling Systems

It assists in detecting smuggling systems and closing routes. It can be used as part of a risk analysis to identify and highlight potential problem areas, routes and items.

Referenceable Analysis Report

A referenceable analysis report can be produced faster, more accurately and cost effectively than a large team of manual operators. By identifying developing trends and potential targets it delivers the foundation for targeting resources and solutions.

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